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Mobile apps have become what search is to desktop computing now-a-days. Mobile apps serve as the primary source of content to the user – companies which build the mobile app that is used by the customer wins their business and eventually their loyalty. Plethora of new and innovative apps that are flooding the market is a testimony to the fact that companies are competing hard to get their square shaped icons on the mobile screens of the user. A lot has been said and written about the best practices of building a mobile or table applications. The most important rule of thumb is that in a mobile app, you cannot follow the traditional software launch practice of launching a product before it is perfect and let the market determine how the product should shape up. In case of mobile apps, once the user removes an app from his screen, the way back is very tough if not impossible. Read more >>

Portal & Content Management

CMS has been at the core of almost all websites and intranets since their introduction in 1994.  Initially allowing simple web page creation and editing, fast-forwarding to the present day finds the CMS matured beyond all recognition. CMS now empower diverse global teams to manage all facets of their website content with the intention of maximising website effectiveness and to bring real competitive advantage to organisations. Read more>>