Social media is enabling companies to work in a more collaborative way. Increasingly engaged and networked workforce will multiply the value that they add to the organization. End customer can also interact more deeply with companies and share real time feedback and comments on the products and services. Social media solutions can transform loyal customers into brand champions for an organization.

  • Social Media Strategy and Consulting

    Loopscale can enable your business to be more collaborative and engaged by harnessing the power of social media. Our consulting solutions help our clients harness the full potential of social media. You can create self-regulating and empowered social communities within your organization to service customers more quickly and foster the business. We also help you mitigate social‑related risks to your business.

    Enterprise Social Integration

    With Enterprise Social Integration you can engage and connect your workforce. Inter-departmental collaboration with social media will transform siloed departments into an efficient collaborative engine.

  • Client Profile

    Client is a large local news publisher. The client wanted to collaborate more closely with their readers by providing them an interactive social medium to consume news articles, engage with the content and share view over discussion channels. The social platform also needed to incorporate a video platform for users to shoot and share video content.

    What we did?

    Loopscale’s team did a detailed study on the consumer facing portals of the client and created an exhaustive mapping of user interaction points with digital content. This study included recommendations of key social features that promote user engagement and collaboration to be included in the client’s web properties. We partnered with the client’s IT department and presented our point of view on the future state of “socially transformed” digital properties. The proposed features were implemented with inputs and suggestions from the client’s stakeholders. Some of the highlights of the engagement were the following:

    • The new integrated social platform gave better insights about the user behavior to the client
    • The client to educate the readers in a more interesting and collaborative way
    • The level of customer service was improved substantially
    • Resolution time for reader’s clarifications was reduced substantially
    • The client had better opportunity to increase their reader base by converting fans into advocates of their products and services

    About Loopscale

    Loopscale Inc. provides custom software design and development services. In addition, we offer system integration, networking and database management. Loopscale is privately owned, managed, and headquartered in Boston, MA. It is guided by experienced and highly efficient IT project managers and business analysts who have a combined 100 years of experience in providing technology for various sized businesses in United States and Europe.