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5 Tips to Increase your Conversion Rate

Measure the Conversion, not the Click If you’re running online search or display advertising, chances are you’re measuring how many people click your ads and visit your website. But do you have tools in place to measure how many people convert? In other words, how many visitors actually contact your business via phone, email, web form, or other method? With analytics tools like Google Analytics, you can track the conversion paths of the people who visit your website and complete an action.

Top trends: The new way of Shopping

That technology exists today and will certainly evolve. Checkout coupons and that technology have been going on for some time, so there’s no question that [advances are being made]. Salespeople used to scan the sales shelves and send reports right back to my office, and that technology was around 15 years ago. It’s going to be a high-tech situation with fewer people feeding more people on regional and national scales. It’s about effeciency.

Mobility in manufacturing

Following the economic downturn, automation spending has sharply increased as manufacturers continue to look for ways to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs by automating human tasks that involve hard physical or monotonous work. According to the American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association and the Association For Manufacturing Technology, U.S. manufacturing technology orders totaled $388.27 million in May 2011, a 108-percent increase over 2010.